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Stay on track – organize your goals!

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For the past few weeks, I was going through my days, doing my thing, everything going all good. But then I got distracted by life, I didn’t stay on track and I knew I need to organize my goals better. Two weeks later I feel completely in chaos. I wasn’t able to workout, there is a mountain of laundry to be ironed, I want to write a blog post, but..meh, I’ll do it tomorrow, and so on and so on. Are you like me? One of those people who, when life gets in the way, suddenly lose yourself and just procrastinate until all the discipline you had becomes a distant memory? I am positive there are more like me around. I can’t be the only one!

This always happens. Life gets in the way and it always will. Be it with you starting your awesome fitness regime and you get a really bad cold, or you start with letting go of that heart-wrenching heartbreak and you see your ex with someone else, or there is a really important paper you need to write but your head hurts for days. Ha! Punches in the face. But! I learned to recognize this and manage to stay on track. In the past, I would probably let this go on for months.

How to stay on track? Organize your goals!

Stay n track organize your goalsThis is where a lot of people give up on their goals.  Maybe not on the first punch, but a second or third. You just kinda go, I’ll do it tomorrow, or I can’t deal with this right now…and days turn into weeks, weeks into months and before you know it you are talking to yourself saying How could I let this happen?

Well, there is a way to catch yourself on time, at least how I catch myself on time. Pen and paper ready?

  1. Set a goal – whether it is to lose weight or to write an academic paper. Write it down. I actually do this in several parts. I have a big goal and lots of mini ones and just go one by one. (get healthier, lower my blood pressure, write a blog post, call a friend etc)
  2. Schedule the goals – I have never been much of a write-the-schedule type of person. However, giving yourself certain deadlines really helps. And if you actually put it in a visible place and look at it daily it will work.
  3. To Do List – similar to the one above, but with actual steps for making yourself more disciplined to achieve your scheduled goals. For example, one of my goals is to eat relatively clean, due to my diabetes. So I write down most of my meals for the upcoming week and do my groceries accordingly.
  4. Risk Management – aha! you didn’t see that one coming did you. Anticipate what could prevent you from achieving your goals and write a plan of action on how you will approach it. I have a two-week alert. If I didn’t do my plan for two weeks I know I need self-intervention.

I hope something here helps to stop you from falling off the track. Because remember, your goals and dreams are yours alone. And it’s up to you to pursue them. Don’t let the ups and downs of everyday life stop you from achieving them.

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