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Resisting Change – Ideas on How Change Affects Us and How to Accept It

Resisting change

We all know that healthier habits are good for you. Everyone should adopt them, right? We all want to live long, be happy and healthy for as long as we can. I am sure you all know someone who is trying to lose weight and is stressed about it, they feel overwhelmed, want to give up, some get anxious. How to deal with that? We all know that adopting healthier habits will bring us more happiness in the long run. Especially if you are type 2 diabetic or a prediabetic, you are forced to change if you want to reduce the complications diabetes brings if not managed properly. But how to adapt to that? How to stop resisting change and embrace it?

Resisting change – my experience

I wanted to write about this topic because I am the first one to admit I have a problem when it comes to change. I am always resisting change. Ever since I was a little girl. I don’t respond well to it. Sometimes, it can get so bad that I have physical reactions to it. I can’t sleep, I am nervous or anxious and a couple of years ago I would get full-blown panic attacks when the change occurred.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I knew I had to change. I had to start eating healthy, move more and completely change my habits. But I didn’t take into account what exactly is happening with my body and my mental state. Resisting change was so hard that I got into an acute depression state.

I already wrote about it several times, but wanted to point out also how changing the negative thought patterns to a more positive one was also something I struggle with. My post Baby Steps To Love Yourself – Journey to Happy tackles this process.



What is actually happening?

Resisting change - How change affects as and how to accept itI noticed my son is exactly the same. We are both going through some major changes and I see how hard he accepts it. And you know how universe gives you answers when you’re in need of them? I am active in several Facebook groups and wanted to thank some people for incredible guidance they gave me and that I will eventually join their paid offer when I can, and one of the members shared a video with me about change.

It is an interview with  Todd Herman on youtube channel Marie TV called: Making Change Stick.  I highly recommend you watch it. I spent most of the interview going: A-haaaaaaa. Mind you, that doesn’t happen to me very often. One part, in particular, made an impression on me, and that was what occurs in our bodies during the change.

The statement that made me go aha was that resisting change happens on a cellular level too. Herman gives a simple example how our cells are constantly bombarded with cortisol (stress hormone). Since they are the receivers of information, the cells in such situations know only cortisol and therefore ask for more of it.  By introducing positive habits the cells receive a new type of information. Which causes resistance, and this is where people usually give up on making the change and use various excuses. Isn’t that fascinating? I was completely mind-blown by this interview. Not to mention this is only the first five minutes of it. I spent the entire weekend evenings researching this issue.


Resisting Change and Adapting to Healthier Habits

Since my blog is all about creating healthy habits, this especially applies to change in your diet and physical activity. We all start great but so often we give up after several days. I find it comforting that this is a normal reaction and that we just have to push through while our cells adjust to the new information. Again, Herman in named interview shares some tips how to go through this process.

Speaking of healthy habits and especially eating habits I had another a-ha moment  (can you believe, 2 in one week) while listening to a podcast by Chalene Johnson, about the direct connection between our gut and our brains, specifically how our gut health impacts anxiety and depression. The podcast talks about how our gut organisms make neurotransmitters which produce chemicals that affect our mood. It explained a lot about inflammation, healthy eating, blood sugar, and vitamins.

I personally really appreciate the theory that when we change our habits our cells resist the change because they like what they are used to. However, the good news, if you agree with this, is that resisting change is a short-term obstacle. I believe that once we know that it’s not just our mind that is giving us issues, but our biology it makes it so much easier to embrace the change. I have to admit this information made me more relaxed. It certainly feels like a relief. Now I expect this resistance. I also know that this is a temporary reaction and it will pass.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this. Do you have problems when it comes to change? Do you resist it?


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  1. Deependra

    June 19, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Thats a good guide but u know what for a students its much harder to change bad habitsto good ones…..


    • Lena/Befithappy

      June 19, 2017 at 6:59 pm

      Heh yes I know. But it can be done with some good planning 🙂 When I look back now to days when I was a student I probably would have taken better care of my health. But eh, if I knew 😀


  2. Jessie

    June 19, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    I’m horrible with change! I made a big step in that category when I decided to pack up and move 3 hours away from everything I knew! Change still doesn’t come easy, but I am learning to live with it!


  3. Lena/Befithappy

    June 19, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Right? Changes are damn hard. I struggled so much with it and always wanted to know what the hell was my problem. It’s so nice to know that it might not be my head lol.


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