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The Journey – Towards Healthier and Happier Me

journey towards happier and healthier me

My struggle with weight has always been a part of my life. I was always the ‘fat’ one, ever since I was a little girl. There were plenty of reasons, emotional eating being number one. Being overweight, stress and irregular eating eventually lead to me being diagnosed with Diabetes Type II.  At first, I was in shock and overwhelmed by the diagnosis and was following the diet to a tee. I was so scared that eventually, all the stress came out through what they called an ‘organically conditioned depression’ and huge panic attacks. It took some time and effort to climb out of it. Now I am on my journey towards healthier and happier me.

How I started my Journey

I found good ways to deal with the ‘mind’ part, but the ‘body’ part was another story. Along came pregnancy and introduction of insulin, incredibly stressful life situations and a little human being that I had to take care of. Everyone in my family depended on me. The last person I was taking care of was me, especially when it came to activity and nutrition. I knew something had to be changed, I didn’t eat regularly, at times I would binge eat, my sugar levels were all over the place and I was sleep deprived (p.s. I still am ).

Then I saw a dear friend from U.S., Kristen Osborne, do some amazing things for her well-being. I watch her being transformed not only physically but mentally. She was on her way to a confident strong woman inspiring me to make a change. So I asked her what she was doing and she said Beachbody! A wonderful network program committed to fitness and well-being. Since it was only available in U.S. it took me some time to get a hold of one of the programs after which I started joining her challenge groups on Facebook. I am forever grateful to her and to Ashley Sornsin for allowing me to join them even if I cannot officially join Team Beachbody.

What results am I getting?

Besides the fact that I am off insulin, I lost 30 lbs (15 kg) in 7 months, I workout every day and see positive changes for both my body and my mind. I can keep up with my little turbo active boy.  I am only in the beginning of my journey, but this is the only program that actually made me stick to a) nutrition and b) fitness. Why? Because the eating plan is simple, effective, I am never hungry, and I don’t have to leave my house to get a good workout. If I can find time to watch facebook feed and Instagram photos I can surely find 30 minutes a day to do something good for myself. Thankfully the Beachbody HQ must have heard me because they finally opened up their Beachbody on Demand internationally. Having great workout programs online just leaves me without excuses.

bod-global healthier happier

Yay, an online gym. No coaching system or products such as Shakeology available, but they do offer some amazing programs. They also offer additional programs which you have to pay for, but they all include sample workouts for you to enjoy. The price for a 3-month membership is around 40 USD which is what I would normally pay monthly for a gym here in Croatia.

The nutrition plan – Healthier Me

I follow The 21 Day Fix plan (sans the containers) – The nutrition program developed by Autumn Calabrese. The program is well balanced and very similar to my diabetic diet program. Combined with regular activity it gives  awesome results (there are thousands who testify with their before and after photos all over the internet).

It is based on color-coded container system and you can find the measures for each container online. After you calculate your necessary caloric intake you get a table of how many containers you need per day. Since it was so similar to my diabetic diet I decided to give it a go. The good news is there are so many delicious recipes people put online. You can find them anywhere really, just google 21 day fix meal plan.

How does the portion system work?

It really is not that hard, buy any set of smaller containers (up to 2,5 dl) and measure them. Yes. it will take you some extra minutes to do it, but believe me, it is worth it. You can also order similar sets from amazon.

After using this system you will get a good idea of the portion sizes. You can see an example of what portions actually look like in this great video by Autumn Calabrese. The program also offers a vegan version, so you can use that one too.

Check out some of the basics of the program with all the information in European standardized measurements here:  21dayfix_basics

I really hope you will take a look and try it. It just might help you become healthier and happier.

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