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Tips to Handle the Holidays


Ah, the holiday season. The yummy food, the amazing smells, cookies, cakes, the decadence of flavors and the time your taste buds are having the time of your life. You say to yourself: Just one cookie. Just one cake. Just one…(you name it). And it’s rarely just that one. Right? And before you know it, your scale is showing numbers you don’t want to see. Those pants you bought last spring are a bit small (they must have shrunk while washing), you feel sluggish and tired and you know you need to break the enjoyment of all the “goodness” but heeeey who ever craved a broccoli before? I’ll just start it all after the New Year.

The internal dialogue from hell. That’s what I call it. Every. Single. Year. Always the same. Now top that with all other excuses (sick kids, working long hours, lack of sleep) and you are on your way to a new size and low self-esteem.

Not this year ladies and gents. This time I am ready and prepared to tackle the Holiday Doom.

Tips to Handle the Holidays 

Tips to handle holidays Food and Fitness Tips for Holidays

  1. First, I joined a challenge group. In case you don’t know what these are, there are tons and tons of people trying to get in better shape and form various social media groups. Usually, I join my ‘coach’ Kristen’s challenges, but this time I joined a huuuuuge group by Autumn Calabrese (I think there are about 23,000 people in it). It can really be motivating to see people who are busier, struggling more push play and do it. Find a workout enthusiast online. I bet a huge portion of them will challenge you somehow.
  2. Let’s not kid ourselves, you are going to eat the yummy food offered. But try to eat just one serving (pick salads first and then the rest on your plate, you will likely take less of the heavy stuff). And even if you do take more, don’t beat yourself up. Eat lighter later or the next day.
  3. Workout! Finish the year strong! Just imagine what your body will be able to do in two weeks time. Can’t hold a plank for more than 15 seconds? I challenge you to do it every day. I bet in 2 weeks you will hold it for a minute like a pro. And if you throw in at least a brisk walk couple of times a week you will feel so much better about yourself.

The Inner Self Tips for Holidays

For so many people holidays in December represent the most difficult periods. Many feel depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Commercials, media, pinterest trees, instagram joy and facebook dream life drives some people to feel their problems, even more, their loneliness, financial troubles, sadness. How to cope?

  1. For one, keep in mind holidays don’t last forever. It will pass in two weeks. You are not alone. If being physically alone scares you, there are many nonprofit organizations who could use your help. Do something nice for someone (bring groceries to an elderly neighbor for example).
  2. be creative, make decorations and give them around, do something you have never done. I’m learning knitting haha! And there are so many tutorials online for anything that might interest you. When you start watching, you’re bound to lose a couple of hours on it.
  3. Take it one day at a time and remember you are not alone. Even if you sometimes feel like it.

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