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Finding Peace – Power of Forgiveness

finding peace - forgiveness


Have you ever felt so hurt by someone that you thought you could never let go of the hurt, shame, and anger they caused you to feel? Hi there. Me too. Do you sometimes feel as if finding peace is impossible? Well, I am here to tell you that through power of forgiveness you will find peace.

Over the course of the years, I became a strong supporter of the power of forgiveness. Past several years have taught me just how crucial for my mental health it is to forgive the persons in my life who hurt me. I was angry, resentful, hurt. Waking up every day to those emotions wasn’t easy and I knew I didn’t want to feel that. I did what most people would consider an act of defeat. I forgave and let it go.

Power of forgiveness – Finding peace by letting go

finding peace power of forgivenessWhat helped me was an article I read about the healing power of forgiveness. The part that got stuck in my head was

forgiveness is not about condoning the act or behavior of someone who has violated your boundaries, nor is it about relieving that person of responsibility for their choices. Rather, the act of forgiveness is about letting go of your own anger, blame, and resentment, which inevitably frees you from the very cord that binds you to the person you’re begrudging.”   (Deepak Chopra)

At first, it was hard. I was so overwhelmed with constant anger that part of me was scared to forgive because it might show my weakness. However, after reading few other articles on forgiveness and that holding on to the past will consequently hurt me the most I decided to truly let it go. I wish I could explain to you the freedom I felt.

The notion that I am no longer under the ‘spell’ was incredibly powerful and peaceful at the same time. I felt powerful and strong again. It made me realize that I am truly responsible only for my own thoughts and actions. And I leave the responsibility of other people’s actions to them.

How to forgive?

Many people want to forgive and want to feel that burden lift off but don’t know how. Letting go is hard.  There are several steps you can do to begin the process:

  1. write what is holding you from forgiving. Do you feel that you will approve the behavior of doing so? I am telling you now, forgiving doesn’t mean you approve the act, it means you are not letting the action control your life anymore. It’s not about the other person. It is about you!
  2. read about the power of forgiveness. The aforementioned article is a great starting resource.

I wish you peacefulness and ask you to consider the healing power of forgiveness. It just might be what you needed to do all along.


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