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How to Find Your Passion – What Moves You?

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How to find your passion and what moves your soul so deeply you can’t sleep without doing it? Follow your dreams, put yourself first…lines we hear over and over again. For so long I was struggling with this. I didn’t have any passions to pursue, no talent whatsoever, not many dreams, and putting myself first in the circumstances I had and still have was always like fighting windmills.

For the past few months, I was going through another very difficult period of my life. Health issues, which fortunately ended up to be a false alarm after all managed to throw me off track, but only a little and only in segments which weren’t part of my usual routine, like this blog, (it is a new project for me). Some things just had priority.

However, a wonderful thing happened amid all this bad whirl. I realized how blessed I am to finally have dreams, to finally have passions. To be able to find my passions so late in life is bloody amazing. Passionate about fitness, healthy food, positivity, about painting, writing and knitting and crocheting (the latter so much so that I look like a video game addict, i.e. I wanna do it every single free minute I have). You have no idea how grateful I am for these and I wonder what else will I discover on my path.

 How to find your passion?

How to find your passion

Don’t despair if you don’t. Eventually, it will come along.  I am almost in my 40s and now they started to pour in like crazy. Have you ever tried to find your passion but it seems like none of the things you do really do the trick? They don’t really fulfill you?

Here are some of my little tips for finding your passion:

  1. What was your favorite thing to do as a child to play – drawing, dancing, running, singing, walking? any of these? Do them again. Make your inner kid happy.
  2. If you like doing something DO IT! You may not be next Picasso or Adele, but that doesn’t mean you can’t paint or sing, or dance.
  3. You don’t have to justify your hobbies to anyone. Some people might make fun of you or judge you, but they are not you. If it makes you happy keep doing it.

and final but probably the most important thing, ask yourself every once in while.


What would you do for work if money was not an issue? Why? How would you do it?

If you have an answer great, find ways to pursue them (you can check my previous post on pursuing your dreams). No, it doesn’t mean quit your daily job, just do whatever you answered yourself. It will make your soul and your spirit happy. You deserve that.



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