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Feeling overwhelmed and why it’s ok to take a break


For the last couple of weeks, I was feeling overwhelmed, and I mean completely overwhelmed. I wasn’t a good person to be around. Exhausted, sleep deprived, and at first, I just kept pushing myself. And it took a toll on my health. Again. When we put ourselves into overdrive, because we feel we just have to do everything, I believe our bodies just go into Hey, girl, you gotta stop. You don’t wanna? Ok, I’ll show you…how about a 3-day migraine, feeling dizzy, sugar levels all over the place sound? I lost. No matter how much my mind wanted to continue, my body said: NO!

Why it’s important to listen to our bodies?

I honestly believe our bodies tell us when it’s time to stop. Often times I would not listen to my body and it would take me to some really bad places. For me, it went to depression, to high cortisol levels, to anxiety attacks and to type 2 diabetes eventually. I did not listen. My body did send out signals that I was overwhelmed, but because I always wanted to do my best I kept pushing. Not anymore. This is why I took a long hiatus from blogging. I did feel creative and inspired, but I would start getting severe headaches every time I started thinking of sitting down and actually writing something. Weird, right?

My body was in total distress. I couldn’t work out, couldn’t write, couldn’t concentrate on any difficult task. Everything was a huge burden. Physical burden, not just a mental or emotional one. And it also got me to a point of diabetes burnout (which is a topic I will discuss at a later date). Now, after one month of avoiding to blog, I feel much more at ease and am ready for new challenges.

It is ok to take a break when feeling overwhelmed

How to deal with feeling overwhelmed?

I believe the best way with dealing with feeling overwhelmed is to accept the fact that you are overwhelmed and just stop for a second.

  1. Accept the situation – Naturally, some things cannot be avoided, but when you fight the windmills of constant stress you just need to let go. It’s like swimming against the currents. You fight, you get exhausted, and all you have to do is let the currents carry you.
  2. Write a list of priorities – which also can be a challenge at times, I know. Write all the things you need and want to do. Next to each thing write if it is urgent and important. If you still have trouble thinking about the goals you want to be done and preferably do things in batches. For my most important and urgent tasks, I use Asana, an awesome free online planner.
  3. Take care of yourself – I think I stress this in each post. Because it is important.
  4. Relax – I spent all this time really doing nothing, except watch movies and play online games. Yes, that’s how much I was feeling overwhelmed. I couldn’t even crochet.
  5. Talk to friends or a professional – if at any point you feel the stress has taken its toll too much share it with your loved ones or a professional.

I will be back to full gear in September so if you don’t hear from me till then know that I am relaxing my mind and focusing on my health. So I can build more energy for the next level of being overwhelmed since it’s inevitable to feel that way. It’s life.

Lots of hugs,



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One Comment

  1. Jackie

    August 14, 2017 at 10:19 am

    I really know exactly what your talking about in this postm the last 2 months i am feeling super overwhelmed and life just keeps moving faster and faster but filled eith more and more. With less and less time. I have had 2 breaks abroad though and going to take another. Because like you said you need to make that time ti rest recover recooperate. Thank you for sharing



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