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Challenge Yourself – Spring Challenge

challenge yourself - befithappy spring challenge

Time for spring challenge. Time to challenge yourself . Or myself. Whichever you prefer.

Ok ok, I actually challenge myself. The bad energy begone from me. I am making a spring challenge to increase my healthy habits. I didn’t fall off track or anything similar, I just need to focus more on ‘me time’ and less on ‘others time’. The stress level from the past couple of months has just gone into high orbits and I need to take care of myself more in order to remain functional. I think the best way to do it is to challenge me. Isn’t spring the best time for new versions of yourself? 

The spring challenge to do list

Challenge yourself - spring challengeI have several objectives I want to pursue, and hopefully, I will reach my end goal by the time I am finished. I plan on doing it until the beginning of summer when I will have a new challenge.

To do list:

  1. Four workouts minimum per week (not counting the everyday walks I have with my little one)
  2. One workout has to include the things I hate doing (plank and burpees)
  3. Find at least five things to be grateful for every single day
  4. Pursue hobbies even more
  5. Find one reason to smile every day

Expected result after 3 months? More energy, more inner peace. That’s it.

How are you challenging yourself? If you wish to join me please do. I will be more than happy to cheer you on your way.



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