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A little update


Finally taking some time to update the blog a little, although it will take some time until I can fully concentrate on it.

Life gets in a way just when you think you managed to get a hold of it. In the past this would probably completely get me back into my ld bad habits and eventually int depression, but not this time. Because I am fighting!

So the update is that I had several medical tests taken and my cortisol levels are ff the charts. I still need to undergo several other ones to get to the bottom of the reason why, but it will take some of my time. However I am not using it as an excuse to not eat right or exercise. I just added couple f hobbies to my daily routine to deal with stress. As soon as I get more information on how to deal with that aspect of my health I will continue more with the blog. I am not stopping, I will hopefully have something up soon. I have sooo many ideas and things I want to write about.

See you soon internet world.

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